New Art works have arrived  in the new Collectors’  Gallery and the pieces are quality paintings produced by extra-ordinary artistic masters from the Western Desert of Australia.

Collecting Aboriginal Art is an all consuming hobby to enrich and enliven your life.  Aboriginal art is steeped in spirituality and  as part of of the earth’s oldest culture.

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Such an unique art genre provides a symbol of the dominant themes of country and kinship, the land and the people, and is an integral part of the history of our country.

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 Aboriginal Art in 2010 was a year of diversity and friends of the Gallery had exposure to a whole new world  of differing Aboriginal art styles from across the continent. Read about  some of the highlights in 2010.

It is now 2014 and unfortunately the Gallery is now closed owing to my ill health, but I would love to be in contact with all my wonderful clients via the Emu Apple Facebook page should they need help and advice.

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